You dress to impress and act like a professional when you meet new clients but you gotta be honest to yourself: impress them in a possitive way is the last thing your logo & branding are doing for you.

When you hand your business cards your value as a reliable business owner decreases in the eyes on your ideal customers.

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Show your value and Stand Out!.

It's the moment for your business to

Take Off

You need a profesionally designed logo & branding that speaks about you and your business and that attracts and connects with your ideal client at first sight

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Boarding Call

is a 3 week service that will provide you with a solid and effective brand design that will impress your clients for good to make your business take off and grow.

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Your life after working with us:

* You can't help to smile when you have the opportunity to share your business're sexy and you know it!.

* Your clients listen to you carefully when you speak, you're in charge now and your expertise is out of doubt!.

* Your rates increase and your waitlist too, now you can show what you're capable of.

* Your stomach is feeling the tickles.....your business is taking off!

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Alycia Josephine

"If I could rate this company 10 stars I would. They are wonderful people and they have gone above and beyond for me and I can't thank them enough. I recommend this company for their amazing work and dedication."

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Care and detail:

these two words are very important to you and it's the moment that your brand shows those values too, because you know,

You only have one chance to cause a good first impression.

You were born to shine so let the world know what you are capable of!
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Click the button below to Take off

1200 $

Only 3 spot left for February

You can pay in full or make a deposit of 40 % (non refundable deposit) + 1 payment of 30 % (at the start of the project) + 1 payment of 30 % (at the end of the project and before the files are delivered)

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Trust your gut, listen to your heart and take the right step to differenciate your business. Make it shine saying yes!

Increase your rates and gain new clients

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What happens when you click the "buy now" button:

* You receive a welcome email with the details of your start date, your invoice and your contract to sign.
* Then we'll send you a questionnaire to find out a bit more about your project.
* According to your answers to the questionnaire we'll prepare the first drafts for your logo & branding design.
* Once we have your approval on the design, we'll prepare all your files.

What you get:

Logo & branding

* Main logo design.

* Alternate logo design.

* Black and white watermarks of your main and alternate logos.

* Brand guideline.

* Business card design.

* Social media profiles design.

* Matching social media icons for your website.

* 3 pattern/paper designs to use as backgrounds.

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Save your spot now and Take off!

1200 $

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This package is perfect for you if:

* Your logo doesn't show the professional person you are and is taking away from you the high paying clients you deserve.

* You're a careful girl who values every detail and loves the fresh and femenine designs.

* You are tired of feeling ashamed when you hand your business cards or show your logo.

* You know that investing in your business is not a caprice, it means investing in your future.

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About us

Ana & Lidia

We're Ani & Lidia, a developer/designer team with more than 5 years of experience in creating unique websites and branding packages that will work for you 24/7 and will attract the right clients to your business to increase your sales naturally without unnecesary efforts.

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Mercedes Elizondo - Mermeli

"I love my new logo and image! His way of working is simple, concrete and fast, so my ideas were easy to convey to come up with something that I would love together. 100% recommended, very good service and results. Thank you!" Mercedes Elizondo - Mermeli

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Only 3 spot left for February, hurry up!

1200 $

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The Wedding Dress

"Sending them our thoughts and needs was made simple. We felt we could ask any questions at any time and their response was quick and professional not to mention educational. The Wedding Dress cannot say enough positive feedback regarding and how quick and easy the process was made for us. We highly recommend 11Left design! " The Wedding Dress


"11Left designed the logo for my wedding planning company. The final product showed they truly understood my company's brand and image, and I couldn't be happier with the results. In addition, they also created cover photos for my social media pages, which I loved as well. I can't recommend 11Left enough. If I need additional graphic design work, they will be the first place I look to!" Stephanie - A Daydream Wedding

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Any doubts?, check this out!

* Do you have any payment plans ?


* What information do you need from me before the project starts?.


* How long will I have to wait before I can share my logo proudly?


* Why do I need a primary logo and a secondary one?.


* What is a Style Guide?

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Save your spot now and take off!

1200 $