7 key points to grow your business & book high paying clients

November 15th, 2017

Tell me if this resonates with you…..you’re working loads and loads of hours….you can barely see your friends, and your family misses you when they see an empty chair on every family reunion. Even your dog is suffering from rush walks around the corner just for not having enough time or energy to take him to the doggy park. And let’s not even talk about your “me time” (at this point that’s a complete utopia). You always have vendors to meet, clients to gather with, things to pick up and an endless list of after-dinner tasks to have everything perfect and ready for your next event. To make it everything even harder, the money you’re making at the end of the month doesn’t reflect the sweat, blood and tears you’re pouring everyday. 


Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. We’ve been in that situation too. We´re here to help you break that cursed circle of working all day without getting the well-deserved reward babe 😉


Let’s face it down!, probably you’re guilty of making some of the following mistakes or… even all of them!. Let’s focus on the mistakes you’re making. But only with the goal in mind of afterward being able to focus on the solutions. That’s the sweetest part!.


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1- Ignoring your ideal client:


First things first, let’s think about for a second what is the foundation of your business: is it you?, is it your office or studio?, maybe your goals?…….nothing of that is your foundation, the core and the main focus of your business are your clients.

They are the ones who matter the most to have success. Your top priority should be to focus your efforts on knowing them and knowing how to solve their problems.


Now you must be thinking: that´s just bullshit!, why these girls are telling me that?… I know my ideal client!!. I´ve worked with her before!. But let´s get deeper into the concept of  “ideal client” and why it is so important……….

Everyone wants to sell to everybody, and with everybody, we mean the whole world. Wouldn´t that be nice?….. meeehh error!. Marketing to the whole world won´t bring you more than wasted efforts, frustration and an empty wallet. You´re not a jar of Nutella. We know from our own experience that a jar of Nutella can solve any problem but that´s the only exception to the rule. Not everybody has to like you or, even more important, not everybody needs you. You should only be concentrated on working with people who value your services and are ready to pay you for them.


What your ideal client wants from you is your help to solve a specific issue. The kind of help that you ask when you have a big problem. One of those that you don´t know how to handle or that you don´t want to face by yourself. That´s why you need to know your ideal client well to be able to help them with a specific solution to their specific problem.



The Solution:  Define your ideal client accurately.

Define key aspects such as age range, sex, if they have children, what country they live in, what zone they are in, what type of work they have, their level of education, their income level, their feelings, their problems,…


This information will help you to know your ideal clients’ needs, likes and preferences. So you can focus all of your efforts on making them feel identified with what you are offering.


So, to make it a bit clearer, it is not the same to offer your services to a 20-year-old girl who is planning to celebrate her birthday party than to a 60-year-old woman who wants to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. The solutions to their problems will be completely different. And even your language will probably change when you talk to one or the other.


Please, remember this:

Your ideal client is aware that they have a problem that needs to be solved and is ready to pay for your services to help them out. So, you should talk directly to them and let them know about your abilities and skills to solve their problems.




2- Your brand is poor and inconsistent.


We know you well, you´re a very professional woman who values and cherishes every tiny detail in your work. You´re always looking for perfection. Although you already know that perfection doesn´t exist but…who knows….may be you´re the first one to find it 😉 . That´s your level of commitment to your work, and that one should be your level of commitment to your business´ image.


Probably when you started your business you didn´t have the time or the money to invest in an appropriate logo or branding package. That´s ok, we get it!. We all have started somewhere and tried to do the best that we could, but it´s not that moment anymore.


Now you´re really determined to grow your business and get the high paying clients that you deserve. And to get them, you need to inspire them trust and professionalism. Unfortunately, that´s just the opposite feeling your logo is transmitting now.


So, these are some of the signs that prove that your logo is giving a bad image of you and your work:

  • your logo is not scalable (it looks enlarged, shortened or pixelated on the different platforms that you´re using it).
  • it´s hard to read,
  • it´s not simple (it´s filled with images),
  • it has more than 4 colors and different fonts……



The solution: You need a professional logo and a planned branding guide.


Therefore, once more we need to talk about your ideal client to define your logo & branding.

Your business´ image speaks directly about yourself and your business´values to your customer and should be carefully designed and planned. It should transmit trust and value and your ideal client should be attracted and identified with the message shown by your brand. Not just with your logo.

Your brand shows your customers what your customers can expect from you and differentiates you from the competition.


You have to make sure that your logo follows these basic rules:


– has to be simple: simplicity is key. That´s because a simple logo is much easier to remember than one with multiple fonts, colors, and shapes.


– must be unique: you need to make your business stand out from your competitors.


– needs to be scalable: that means that the logo should be created in a vectorial format using design software just to make sure it can be enlarged or shortened without getting pixelated.


– should be versatile: it has to look good in color but it also has to look perfect only in black or in white to make sure that you make the most use of it.


– has to be relevant: it can´t just be beautiful, it has to resonate with your ideal client through its colors, shapes, fonts,….. Choosing colors or fonts should not be fast or random. There´s a lot of psychology behind the election of a color or a font. Each one of these elections conveys a different message that needs to be correctly chosen to speak to your buyer on a more personal level.



Therefore, taking into consideration all the points above, and just to make sure your efforts don´t go to waste, you should have a branding guide in place too. This will help you to keep your message to your ideal client consistent and coherent.


A branding guide will show you the right colors or fonts you should use across all your platforms, the tone you should use, the icons, the patterns,…..




3- Your website doesn´t reflect your brand´s values and it´s inefficient.


Probably you´re using a free WordPress theme or a premade template and you´ve tried to customize it to your liking. You added your favorite colors, your logo, and changed a few things to the layout…..That´s okay to get out of trouble but it doesn´t serve any purpose to your business. Instead, it makes you feel cheap and non-professional enough (don´t want to be rude, but the truth is the truth).


A carefully designed and built website should be working for you 24/7 attracting new clients at your door.


So, let´s put it this way, your website is the employee who never takes a break. It´s always there to welcome and inform your new clients, even when you´re sleeping!. You wouldn´t assign so much power to the first person you found on the street, right?. The same way you shouldn´t assign so much power to a mediocre website design.


Signs that prove that your website needs an uplift: it doesn´t match your branding or it  looks too generic (your website could have been made for a wedding planner or for a plumber), it´s not helping you in bringing in new clients, it´s hard to navigate and every time you need to change the content is a complete nightmare for you.



The solution: you need to count with a carefully designed and well-built website.


These are the key points your website should include:


– The design of your website has to be custom made for your business. Its design has as a start point the needs of your ideal client. And it needs to be in line with your branding and the values you want to transmit. It should use the same colors, typography,… A custom design makes you look more professional and serious about your business. Besides, a well-designed website should be easy to navigate and easy to update.


So, let´s put it this way, the same way your house is supposed to make you feel comfortable, being adapted to your likes, your needs and provide you with an excellent living experience to you and your guests, the same happens to your website. Your “guests” or clients should feel like they’re at home, comfortable and welcome when they visit your site.


Your design should guide your clients through the actions they must take to work with you in an easy and natural way.



– Specific features to automate your business: like including an appointment system, a member area for your clients, a subscription option for being able to send them updates or promotions,… All of these options will take you some tasks off of your plate and that means more time to spend on your business or with your family!, wouldn´t that be great!. And at the same time, automating processes make your client feel more confident about working with you.



– SEO optimization: many people are determined to say SEO doesn´t matter anymore… but the truth is that Google still rules the online world so don´t ignore this point. We´re not going to get very technical about this because we don´t want to bore you. But as a general guide there are a few things to consider: not having duplicated menus, having well-defined alt tags and titles, having good html tags, your website has to load fast,…



– Security: nowadays the hosting providers usually handle security issues for you and make sure your website is free from attacks. But even so, there are a few details to take into account. Like not having spam on your comments from the blog posts or including captchas in every form to make sure they are used by humans like you and us.



– Support: although it´s great to have a well-designed website that allows you to update the needed content easily and without hustle…. It´s also very important to count with someone you can trust to handle those changes that need to be done but require some level of knowledge and expertise. Trying to learn how to do everything by yourself usually is not the most efficient solution. Especially if you´re service provider and the time is your most valuable asset.




4- Invest in good quality photos of your services or products.


Don´t underestimate the power of a good image. An image can make or break a deal.

If your budget is limited, you can try to take them by yourself. But please take your time and pay special attention to crispness and lighting. And always try to shoot in natural light, it would make your life much easier.


However, if you´re not sure about your photographer´s skills then you can buy professional stock images from places like Creative Market or Shutterstock for a very reasonable price too.


Whatever it is the option you choose…… please, never, ever, use dark, unfocused images on your website or social media.

It will ruin your business´ perception in your customers´ eyes.




5- Build your list of potential clients through blogging and social media.


Ok, we know, now is when you start having a panic attack. Calm down…..breathe slowly….you don´t need to blog every single day, nor even every single week, or being present in every social media platform.


Work smart. Choose a couple of social media platforms where you can find your ideal client and write only meaningful posts on your blog. Even if that means only publishing twice a month!.


Therefore, if you don´t know what to write or comment about, just put yourself on your ideal client´s shoes and think about which content they would find helpful.

And please remember,


quality content is more important than quantity.



This is like asking someone for directions to get to a place. It would be much more helpful to find a friendly and nice person who talked the necessary to give you the right directions than being guided by a chatty one who can´t stop talking about unrelated things that don´t mean anything to you and make you feel lost in the middle of the desert. We´re sure which one of both we would get back to to ask for help.


Sometimes, less is more,…..much more!!.




6- Work smart and do not try to do everything by yourself.


Does this sound familiar to you?: you spend hours and hours watching tutorials, doing endless courses. You spend a lot of time searching the internet looking for solutions to solve new problems that arise at your door instead of being focused on your true work, the one you got paid for….


Sometimes you think that you will save on costs if you do everything by yourself. Or simply you think you can handle everything. But I can guarantee you, from our own experience, that in the long run, you save time, money, efforts, and headaches if you hire other professionals to make the tasks you know nothing about.


Finally, as a service provider, you´re selling your clients your expertise and your time. And your time is limited. Every time you´re spending your time doing jobs not directly related to your clients you´re wasting your time, and therefore, wasting your money.


Invest your efforts in doing what you feel capable of and are comfortable with.



So, no more headaches or endless searches on Google trying to learn everything about anything! You need professional help to get professional results.




7- Always remember what brought you here.


Being an entrepeneur can be very hard and overwhelming. You are responsible for the success and the failure and anything in between. And trying to make always the best decisions can leave you exhausted, unmotivated and burnout.


So, every time you feel your energy gets weak take a step back, breath and think about your motivations to walk this journey.


What brought you here?: making your clients happy?, living a more creative life?, time flexibility?, being able to spend more time with your family?,……


Whatever it is your motivation, please remind that to yourself. Write it down and put the paper on your desk if you think that might help but please don´t forget it because…..



You´re brave, you´re smart and your determination will make you succeed



If your levels of energy have raised after reading this, and you want to take our words into action we have for you the perfect start point……your ideal client reveal!.


So, as you may have found out by now, you can´t concentrate your efforts on the right path if you don´t know your ideal client as if she/he was your very close best friend. So follow us and let´s meet her/him together!!.



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