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5 Myths about Web Design

November 21st, 2017

Have you ever heard the words: “a good web design”?…… or even when you think about your website, … do you think about its design?. There are many myths when talking about a good web design. Some of them make people feel confused when making decisions in the development of a web. And even making […]

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What Responsive Design means?

November 20th, 2017

Maybe you´ve heard talking about the term responsive design many, many times but you´re not sure about what this really means. Maybe you´re even wondering if your website has a responsive design. Well, no more worries, we´re going to explain you in a quick and easy way what this term means. So, the next time […]

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The #1 thing why your website is not getting traffic

November 20th, 2017

We usually tend to simplify things, or at least we tend to simplify the relationship between our efforts and the rewards those efforts can bring us. The same happens with your website traffic. Let´s dig a little bit deeper on this…..   Usually, we think that if we do “A”, we’ll get “B”. That’s what […]

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7 key points to grow your business & book high paying clients

November 15th, 2017

Tell me if this resonates with you…..you’re working loads and loads of hours….you can barely see your friends, and your family misses you when they see an empty chair on every family reunion. Even your dog is suffering from rush walks around the corner just for not having enough time or energy to take him […]

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