The #1 thing why your website is not getting traffic

November 20th, 2017

We usually tend to simplify things, or at least we tend to simplify the relationship between our efforts and the rewards those efforts can bring us. The same happens with your website traffic. Let´s dig a little bit deeper on this…..


Usually, we think that if we do “A”, we’ll get “B”. That’s what we all assume: if we make a little effort, we’ll get a little result or at least some kind of result. But in business that’s not what it usually happens, sorry for throwing some cold water here. We usually have to take different steps just to make sure we get the desired results. There won’t be a single step that will be decisive for your business, some of them might be bigger than others but in the end, the sum of all those steps is the key to your success.


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This is what it usually happens when you build a website for your business. That’s a huge step in terms of money and time you’re committing, we know, so we’re not saying that this step is not important because it is. We always stress the importance of having a well-designed website for your business. And please, take into consideration that when we say a “well-designed website” we’re not talking about a beauty website. We’re talking a consciously thought one, where you take into consideration every need of your client.


Before we get further into this idea, let’s state this clear once more: having a good website is the foundation of your online business…….but, you can’t think that by having your website the visits and the eager clients will come your way like salmons running upstream through the river. That’s not going to happen so easily, but it will if you put a bit more effort and take some more steps.


Think about it this way, your website is like a great, luxurious hotel in the middle of a paradise island. If it is well done and carefully designed, it will be the perfect home for your ideal client. They will feel happy there and would love to stay forever or at least keep on coming often because your hotel provides them with comfort, value and a great list of services they really need, and let’s not even talk about the parties hosted there! 😉


So, having your website means that everything is ready to welcome your guests, so when they come, they will stay with you. That’s a picture perfect of what’s going to happen once your guests come to your hotel, right?.


So, you prepare everything carefully, choose the furniture, the decorations, make sure everything looks amazing when your guests arrive. Choose a date for your big opening, probably your level of excitement won’t let you sleep the night before, and when the big day arrives you wear your better clothing, open the doors and…………silence, nothing happens, nobody is in your island to see what a great venue you have prepared for them……what?!?!, after all the effort you put into this project……unbelievable, you feel devastated and you can’t stop sobbing!. Why nobody came into your island?. You immediately think that you’re doing something wrong and that’s the reason why nobody loves you. But it is not, you’re lovable, for sure!. We already love you and we have just met!, so that’s not the reason.



The #1 thing why your website is not having traffic is because you don’t have a marketing strategy in place. That’s it!. You’re on the right path but as we told you before you have to keep on taking steps, even baby steps, everything counts.



Let’s talk about your strategy and the different places where you could get the attention and the visits of your ideal client:


1- Work on your SEO.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, or in plain terms, we could say that includes all the actions that try to rank your website higher in Google searches. A good SEO will help you to receive traffic in an organic way. You will find all types of opinions on this: some people say this is the main point to work on to receive traffic to your website and some people is determined to say SEO doesn´t matter anymore. But, as in many cases, the truth is in the middle. Google still rules the online world so don´t ignore this point but don´t get too crazy about it either.


We don´t want to bore you and won´t get very technical about this, but as a general guide there are a few things to consider: not having duplicated menus, having well-defined titles, having good html tags, your website has to load fast,… You should take care in choosing the right tags for your titles.


It takes time to have a good SEO positioning so don’t put all your eggs in one basket so let’s keep on working on your big strategy.



2- Write a blog.

That’s the best way to share your knowledge and provide value to your customers. And we know what you might be thinking right now…. we usually tend to think that blogging means writing every single day and that you don’t have enough time for that, but that’s not the truth. You can even write one blog post per month and it will still be useful for your business. Quality is more important than quantity here and having a blog will help you with your SEO and it will be the perfect way to present yourself as a professional in your field to your customers too.



3- Get social.

There’s no need to try to be on every social media platform that exists. Find out where your ideal clients hang out online and be present on those platforms. Choose a couple of platforms and publish content there, engage with the community and be resilient. And please take into consideration that, although it’s great to have a good number of followers that’s not the most important metric to consider. The most important factor to consider is the engagement of your followers.



4- Write a newsletter.

And invite your ideal clients to subscribe to it from your website and social media. Newsletters are the perfect way to keep your audience informed about what you can offer to them, and it’s the best way to get in touch with them on a more personal level and offer them value. We always stress this point out: your business should be centered around what you can offer to your clients so keep that in mind when you think about the theme of your emails. Listen to their needs and questions and try to help them out.



Now that you know the different sources you could be getting traffic from, elaborate your strategy on each one of the above points and write a clear plan of action to follow.


Don´t just think about it, write it down. Now stick to your plan, be persistent and get ready to start receiving traffic to your site!.


And please don’t despair if you don’t receive visits at first, this is a long journey and your perseverance will be key to your success. So be patient, and constant, write everything down and follow your plan of action!.


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