5 Myths about Web Design

November 21st, 2017


Have you ever heard the words: “a good web design”?…… or even when you think about your website, … do you think about its design?.

There are many myths when talking about a good web design. Some of them make people feel confused when making decisions in the development of a web. And even making them think that there are certain criteria that needs to be met. We are going to reveal the truth behind the 5 myths that seem most important to us when talking about a “good web design”.


Let´s go girl, let´s hunt some myths!


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Myth #1: A good web design is a pretty web.

Meeeeeeh, error !!!, this is totally false.

That sentence that says that beauty is on the inside, in this case, it´s totally true. A good web design is not just beautiful colors, cool fonts, and an attractive aesthetic.

When we talk about a good web design we´re talking about the way in which a web works. Not only about if  more than if it is pretty or not. Of course, a good aesthetic design is also very, very important, because if your users are comfortable with what they see, they will feel “at home”. And probably they will spend more time on your site and will visit it more often.

What´s the point of having a super precious page if it drives your users nuts when they try to find what they´re looking for?. That doesn´t transmit the message that you want to give to your potential clients?. That can´t load fast or that you find it super hard to manage your admin´s area?. In a good web design, the visual aspect is as important as its structure and layout.



Myth #2: Home is the most important page.

This was true a few years ago, but nowadays this is no longer the case.

There are many ways to direct your clients to the pages or the contents that you care more about. Your visitors will arrive at your website through links in the social networks, ads, seo positioning, … without even going to the home page!. This makes that the user gets faster to the information without having to go through intermediate pages.

What matters nowadays is the content that you offer. That´s why you should direct your users to the pages that have that interesting content for them. And once they’re there, the objective should be to engage the user. It´s pointless to have many visitors to your website if the content you´re offering won´t appeal to them. It has to be engaging and interesting content, otherwise, you’ll make them leave quickly.



Myth 3: Once I have my website designed I can forget about it.

Let’s be realistic, we are sorry to tell you that if you want your business to evolve nowadays, you will also have to evolve your website with the new technologies. And even with the new trends.

To make it a bit more clear let´s put it this way:  a modern car from 20 years ago is not the same type of cars than the ones we have now. 20 years ago they started including cd on the radio, airbags, and air conditioning. That was cool, right?. But if you are going to buy a car today all of that equipment is more than expected. If you want to get your buyers´ attention, you need to include another kind of equipment like voice control, GPS system, …

And in a few years from now …who knows what they are going to incorporate!.

The same happens with your house, there are always new things that make your life easier and more comfortable, trendy colors, new home styles,…

And I’ll give you another example, the people who have a brick and mortar business every season renew their shop windows, put new decorations. That´s true, right?.  You will not see the shop window of your favorite store with the same decoration year after year.

Well, the same thing happens to your website. It´s your business, the place where your customers will meet you online and they should feel loved and comfortable. You have to keep your website updated and beautiful for them from an aesthetic perspective but from a functional point of view too.



Myth 4: the more rare things it has…..the better it is.

You know what we mean?. We´re talking about all of those websites loaded with a lot of animations. Banners everywhere!. Buttons that flip upsidedown but then don´t work. Videos that automatically start playing when you enter the site at full volume. Links to social networks that barely exist. And other functions that may seem super cool but that the only thing that they do is making your page load slower and bore and annoy your reader. In the end, the only thing that your visitor is looking for, is useful information delivered easily. The important thing is the content you´re offering.

It’s okay to do something to break the monotony of a plain text, … but don´t go crazy about it!.

Confess time here:

It´s very funny hearing this advice from me (Lidi) because I love to code websites and I enjoy a lot adding all those crazy things. You could even say that I´m a bit obsessed with them, they are fun and challenging!. If you let me add a virtual bee flying around your home page I will be smiling for weeks, lol.

But thanks God that working as a team has many benefits and in this case, it´s good to have Ani on board to stop me from making every single button dance at the rhythm of  “because I´m happy…..”

If it depended solely on me I’d have everything in motion and it would look like an amusement park,….but I’m totally aware, that it’s not practical, it consumes resources, and time. So when we build a website we try to keep it simple, clean and very easy to navigate.



Myth 5: making a website is easy peasy and anyone can do it.

Yes, anyone who wants to make a website could do it … but easily?. Well … it all depends on the patience you have, and the results you want to achieve.

Yes, it is true that there are already some services that offer a drag and drop option to make your website by yourself. But do you want to know the experience of our clients about it?. In the end, it is not as easy as it seems!.

We have had several clients who have been seduced by this type of services. But after a disappointing experience, they have come to us because they didn´t know how to do certain things. And in most of the cases, they asked for help because they needed to include some less basic features and they got stuck. They usually call us exhausted after spending hours and hours trying to have a professional looking website.

Usually, they have taken that time away from their working hours or even worse, from their weekends, instead of being focused on their friends and family. As the Spanish proverb states….shoemaker to your shoes.

You should be spending your time on those tasks directly related to your job. Those tasks are the ones that will bring you money.


In every business field, there are always new things to learn and web design is not an exception to this. So, besides of being updated in your own field you should always be up to date on your website.


After saying this, we do not want to stop you from building your own website if you think that´s the best option for you at this point. Just want to tell you the truth about what building your own website means. And not sugar coat it with false promises that will leave you frustrated and lost.


Probably you might even be thinking at this point that we´re only saying this because we want to sell our services as website designers and builders. And the truth is that yes, this is our source of income. But you can believe us if we say that all that we want is the best for you. That´s why we try to be sincere and clear about the ups and downs of our business.


Now that we have put all the myths, or most of them, on the table let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you experienced any of these?.




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