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October 12th, 15


To add attributes to an article in our store, we will take the following steps:

First, we will create our attributes, in our wordpress admin panel, irermos to Products -> Attributes


Woocommerce Attributes 01


We then create our new attribute, such as sizes, colors, fabrics, … and add it


Woocommerce Attributes 02


Now let’s give our attribute values created, for example, in the case of sizes, create the size S, M, L. In the area of the right click in the attribute to configure terms, to add


Woocommerce Attributes 03


We put the names, and if we want a description. To add more values, pincharemos Add new size (or attribute it)


Woocommerce Attributes 04


Once we have created our attributes, and their values, go to the product in question we want to put the option of selecting attributes.

From the administration panel of our wordpress, Products -> and select our product. Within it, in Product Information, we choose that instead of it being a simple product, that is variable Product


Woocommerce Attributes 05


In the different sections we have, let’s Attributes, and select where it says Attribute custom product, we need, in our case, size, and give to Add, to have it included


Woocommerce Attributes 06


We have to make it visible on the product page and used to changes, and we can add the values we want for our product, in our case we have the value of size S and size M, if we give to Select all, will we all the values that we have for the product, and if we do not want any, and to remove it would be.

And then Save attributes. We could add the attributes you need, such as Color


Woocommerce Attributes 07


In the Variations section, we can create variations for all the attributes that we have created, or we can go adding them one by one.


Woocommerce Attributes 08


We listed all the possible variations that have our product. To modify the data of each punctured where we need to double click


Once inside our option, we can configure it as you need, adding a picture, if we have stock for this particular value, must be marked Management values, and we will add a box to put the units available for this product.
In the box Normal Price, you have to put the price change on our product father, if no change in the price, also 0 ponle, because according to the theme you have, if you put it, this option does not appear in our shop . The other options is to configure them according to our needs.
We save the changes, and we will do the same for the other changes we have for our product. We can choose a default value, to show us an option


Woocommerce Attributes 09



The result will be a selector in our store, that will allow us to choose between the attributes created


woocommerce-atributos 12


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